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"Trader Clock will give you all that important information at a glance."

Markets Control

at your fingertips


  • Displays current status of various global financial markets

  • Shows local (on the wall) time for each market around the globe

  • Colour coded countdown to the next OPEN or CLOSE event for markets

  • Features financial markets opening/closing and trading session time

  • Market calendars include country local specific holidays

  • Choose specific order to list markets or  display nearest active events at the top

  • User definable alerts on countdown to events

  • Modern clean design with the trader in mind

  • Other useful information like pre-market auction times

  • Up to 3 user-definable alerts to make sure you know  when a market is opening or closing

  • Trader Clock leverages your phone as an additional  screen to give you an edge

  • Colour coded for at a glance recognition   

  • Pick and choose the financial markets you wish to display on your screen

  • The counters show hours and minutes if > 1 hour and  minutes and seconds if < 1 hour

News feed

  • Aggregated news feeds

  • News feeds organised and colour coded depending on  time of release

  • Colour coded events to highlight the most recent ones

  • News feeds are sorted to show most recent at the top

  • Choose from an extensive list of news feeds  or add your own URL

  • Ability to customise and filter news feeds

  • Set up alerts for latest news events

  • Market status bar feed display

  • Customisable news feeds. Pick and choose what's  most important to you

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